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Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, usually occurring in genetically predisposed individuals, characterized by inadequate production or utilization of insulin and resulting in excessive amounts of glucose in the blood and urine, excessive thirst, weight loss, and in some cases progressive destruction of small blood vessels leading to such complications as infections and gangrene of limbs and blindness.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) can be utilized in the prevention or rehabilitation of the complications that can occur with diabetes. Small blood vessels that have been damaged by diabetes can be assisted at the cellular level by forcing oxygen into the tissues and fluids to assist the body in repairing itself.

Diabetics also have a concern with lower extremity wounds. Many cases of diabetic wounds can lead to gangrene and possible amputation. Hyperbaric Oxygen combined with a wound care program help heal these wounds and save the lower extremity from infections or amputation. Click here to learn more about Non-healing wounds.


Acute Peripheral Arterial Insufficiency

Acute Peripheral Arterial Insufficiency manifests from Peripheral Vascular disease and is atherosclerosis of the extremities, (in most cases lower) causing ischemia. This can lead to ulcers, non-healing wounds and/or gangrene.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT) in conjunction with other therapies can help arterial blood flow at the cellular level. HBOT forces oxygen into the body’s tissues and fluids enabling the body to work more efficiently in healing itself.

Acute Peripheral Arterial Insufficiency can lead to similar Non-healing wounds that occur with diabetics. Click here to learn more about how HBO helps with Non-Healing wounds.

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A prescription is required for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Diabetes Studies

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