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Neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran, MD in his book “The Tell-tale Brain” states “there is an important take home message” regarding healing in the brain.  “Generations of medical students were told that the brains trillions of neural connections are laid down in the fetus and during early infancy and that adult brains lose their ability to form new connections.  This lack of plasticity- this lack of ability to be reshaped or molded- was often used as an excuse to tell patients why they could expect to recover very little function after a stroke or traumatic brain injury.  OUR OBSERVATIONS FLATTLY CONTRADICTED THIS DOGMA BY SHOWING, FOR THE FIRST TIME, THAT EVEN THE BASIC SENSORY MAPS IN THE ADULT HUMAN BRAIN CAN CHANGE OVER DISTANCES OF SERVERAL CENTIMETERS.  We were then able to use brain imaging techniques to show directly that our theory was correct.”

Dr. Ramachandran continues remarks about how the brain LEARNS paralysis such as found in stroke “here we have a situation where the motor cortex was continually sending out movement commands to the arm, which the Parital lobe continually saw as  having absolutely zero muscular or sensory effect.  The synapses that used to support the strong correlations between motor commands and the sensory feedback they should generate were shown to be liars.  Every new impotent motor signal reinforced this trend, so the synapses grow weaker and weaker and eventually became moribound.  In other words, the paralysis was learned by the brain”!

SO how does a patient unlearn paralysis??  Mirror visual feedback (MVF) or placing a mirror between the hands and watching the good hand look like the impaired hand and fool the brain into relearning.  Needless to say repetition or practice makes perfect as our mothers used to say.

Raymond Cralle’ has experienced the same evidence of brain recovery by providing advanced Neuro-Rehabilitation techniques along with Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments that can increase the patient’s own stem cells by a factor of eight!  These stem cells are believed to create synaptogenises, or growth of new cells, that are visible on SPECT brain imaging.  Cralle’ has also validated improved cognitive function by providing 6 hour psychological testing before and after 40 Hyperbaric Treatments in brain blast injured veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  These results can be seen http://orccahbo.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=39:information&id=122:results-of-3-veterans

Dr. William Maxfield comments:  "Yes we do now know the brain can regenerate.  Regeneration was confirmed by the report from JHH of the breast cancer patient who after her marrow transplant from a male had male had male chromosomes in her brain.  What the abnormal SPECT brain usually shows are the idelling neurons described by Dick Neubauer.  The SPECT brain scan to be normal must have normally functioning brain cells.  The SPECT brain scan shows these non function areas were the cells are alive but not working which is why many times the SPECT is abnormal when brain CT and most MRI images of the brain appear normal as the CT and MRI show anatomy and not function.  The new diffusion MRI images my add function to the MRI pattern but I have not seen a good comparison between SPECT and MRI diffusion brain images.  And yes we do now know HBOT increases the stem cell population by a factor of 8 which speeds healing and recovery.  Let me know if other data is needed.  Remember our report on the SPECT brain scans in TBI/PTSD is also in Clinical Nuclear Medicine 35:659, Aug, 2010."


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